About Us

Welcome to MerchBreak.com - the official store in association with the ConsumerBreak® mobile app.

You can also still get our classic items which include a hoodie in dark green! https://teespring.com/stores/consumerbreak

Download the app for free from the App Store or Google Play to start playing! (U.S. 18+ at this time)
Links and a promo video at https://www.ConsumerBreak.com

We run fast-paced jigsaw-style puzzle contests on the ConsumerBreak® mobile app. Puzzles take less than a minute to solve for most people, and you have 10 attempts to record your fastest time score for each contest - ranking on a leaderboard against all other players who solved the puzzle. Top scores win prizes such as cash and products!

We constantly feature fan submitted pics in the puzzles too - just join our Facebook group and get as involved as you want!⁣ We also welcome all suggestions for designs to be put on merch items.

Post selfies with your MerchBreak.com items on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and tag us @ConsumerBreak to be showcased on a puzzle! Get $5 CASH BACK when you get featured!