About Us

Welcome to MerchBreak.com - the official store in association with the ConsumerBreak® mobile app.

You can also still get our classic items which include a hoodie in dark green! https://teespring.com/stores/consumerbreak

Download the app for free from the App Store or Google Play to start playing! (U.S. 18+ at this time)
Links and a promo video at https://www.ConsumerBreak.com

We run fast-paced jigsaw-style puzzle contests on the ConsumerBreak® mobile app. Puzzles take less than a minute to solve for most people, and you have 10 attempts to record your fastest time score for each contest - ranking on a leaderboard against all other players who solved the puzzle. There’s a new contest every Monday/Wednesday/Friday, weekly, and a monthly escape room-style QuestBreak™ for bonus games! We constantly feature fan submitted pics in the puzzles too - just join our Facebook group and get as involved as you want!⁣ We also welcome all suggestions for designs to be put on merch items.

The puzzle contests award real cash prizes paid out via PayPal to top players, along with free merch and discounts from MerchBreak.com as well as other sponsored products or services. Concluded leaderboards are divided into 5 “Skill Rank” tiers that have you only competing against others of the same general skill range! Prizes are paid out within a few days of each contest conclusion. No waiting to cash out, no minimum amount to build up to, and all prizes are at least $1.

Free to play, no micro-transactions, no traditional interruptive ads, no catch. See more details and past winners lists & leaderboards at our WINNERS page.

Post selfies with your MerchBreak.com items on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and tag us @ConsumerBreak to be showcased on a puzzle! Get $5 CASH BACK when you get featured!